About ZAP!

Experience across the spectrum...

Handheld, Mobile/Cell Phone

ZAP! has created audio for many of the world's best-loved and top-selling games.

Audio for iPhone and iPad games Battleship, Pictureka! and Deadliest Catch.
Mobile/cell Phone titles include BAFTA-nominated Tiger Woods PGA, Colin McRae Rally and Scooby Doo, legendary franchises Tomb Raider and Tony Hawks, and classics such as Cannon Fodder, Sensible World of Soccer, Thief, Stuntman and Snakes.

Console and PC

From the original Playstation to Xbox 360.

Titles include Carmageddon and number one-selling games Magic the Gathering and Risk: Factions on Xbox 360 and PS3.


Websites and gaming.

Audio for websites and a longstanding relationship with leading online gaming company Play'n GO.


Drama and entertainment.

Credits include work with award-winning sound designer Richard Fordham
on the primetime ABC series Combat Hospital and music for The Hub's quiz show The Game of Life.

Company history

Paul Zimmer founded the specialist music and sound design company ZAP! in 1997, building on the invaluable experience he gained while Head of Audio at videogame giant SCi (now Square Enix Europe).

Paul has over a decade's experience at the cutting edge of audio design, and has worked on many of the world's best selling videogames. His experience spans consoles, PC, iPhone, iPad, mobile devices, TV, online games, coin-op cabinets and multimedia projects.